When to Buy Spring Loaded Casters

When should I use spring loaded casters is a common question we get and this short article will provide the five main reasons our customers use spring loaded casters.

1. Shock and vibration - the most common reason to use spring loaded casters is to protect products or equipment from shock and vibration. Items such as semiconductors, medical equipment, lab equipment, or any other sensitive equipment. When used properly, the spring loaded casters will greatly reduce the likelihood of damage due to shock and vibration that would typically occur with standard casters.

2. Noise Reduction - By dampening the shock, these spring loaded casters help reduce noise pollution that is critical to maintaining a safe and health workspace.

3. Longer Lasting Caster - Shock and vibration take a toll on casters and eventually lead to deformation and ultimately failure. By investing in a more expensive spring loaded caster up front, it will cut down on maintenance and repair costs in the long run. 

4. Uneven Surfaces - There are many environments where the uneven floor surface makes it very difficult to keep all four casters in contact with the ground. With traditional casters this could lead to overloading of the casters or tipping of the equipment. However, with spring loaded casters you can alleviate these potential issues when properly used.

5. Floor Protection - It is not uncommon to invest millions of dollars into your floors. To avoid damaging or stress to floors from heavy and sometimes uneven loads, spring loaded casters can be used to help prevent costly floor repairs.

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