About Us

About Us

Our store, springloadedcasters.com, was designed and built to focus solely on helping customers find the right spring loaded shock absorbing casters best suited for their application. We offer tons of other spring loaded casters that are not on our site. If you don't see what you are looking for contact us for help!

We are owned and operated by Mapp Casters & Supply, Inc. which was established in 1933. At that time, Mapp Caster specialized on office chair repair. Since then, Mapp Caster has grown to focus on material handling equipment, focusing primarily on casters, caster wheels, hand trucks, and other material handling equipment. View our primary website mappcaster.com to see all of our products.

Our knowledge sales staff has over 75 years of experience and would be happy to assist with any questions you might have!

sales@springloadedcasters.com   |   1-800-798-3309   |   Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7 AM to 4:30 PM CST.