Important Terms

Working Zone - The weight range the spring will compress. This is made up of the minimum and maximum weight compressions.

Minimum Compression Weight - The minimum amount of weight needed for the spring to begin compression.

Maximum Compression Weight - The maximum amount of weight needed before the spring is fully compressed.

Sweet Spot / Recommend Load Capacity - The middle of the working zone

Shock Absorbing Extent - Distance the spring will travel before reaching maximum compression

Shock Absorbing Material - Material that the spring is made out of. Typically either a rubber based spring system or metal based spring system

Overall Height (Mounting Height) - Total height of the caster from the top of the plate to the bottom of the wheel. For stem casters it is from the base of the stem to the bottom of the wheel.

Mounting Plate Size - Overall dimensions of the mounting plate

Bolt Hole Pattern -  Where the mounting bolts can be placed


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